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About Us

Gokissamos is a firm that has been operating for over 25 years in the island of Crete and can provide you a safe and unforgettable drive. After 25 years of experience in tourism services, our preference is still our customer satisfaction and excellent customer service. The trust of our customers over the years gives us the incentive to become even better. We always strive to be  next to you to meet your every need. 

You can choose from a wide range of cars that cater to your needs. From city cars, small in size and very economical to big jeep to explore all the off road sights of our beautiful island. Gokissamos provides you with the possibility to make live reservations for your transportation throughout Crete. You can set your starting point and destination and view live distance and price. Our professional drivers can safely and comfortably transport you anywhere always in time.We also offer you the possibility to visit some of the most famous sights of our island by choosing one of our excursions. You can either follow a group or move privately. Even better tell us what you want to visit and leave the rest to us.


We are next to you!

Gokissamos is a car rental firm that will assist your every need from the time that you arrive as your car can be delivered to your desired point of arrival in Crete ( Chania) at the airport, port, hotel, residence etc, in order to make things so much easier for you. Also remember that GoKissamos is next to you at every step to offer you:

– Excellent quality cars at the best prices
– No hidden costs
– Excellent assistance at any time
– Free delivery to you in order to make things easier for you
– International car choices and any car model you wish
– Car insurance provided

Have Fun

Explore a fascinating island visit that has it all, since the hottest and happening lifestyle is presented to you in the island of Crete. Gokissamos is offering you the chance to feel like home . Protect your family and friends by trusting GoKissamos, an established firm that can guarantee you that you will cherish your every moment in the most amazing greek island.

Welcome – Kalosorisate